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Official Mission Statement

Range Parents aims to wholistically serve families through a variety of means and services aiming toward family reciprocity and togetherness in regard to family health as a whole while reducing and preventing out of home placement, child abuse, chemical dependency and substance abuse, domestic violence, neglect, ignored mental health crisis leading to suicide, and generational trauma effect.

Who Is Range Parents For?

Range Parents is for all parents, families, and professionals who work with them on the Iron Range and surrounding areas of Northern, Minnesota! Weather you are an individual planning to be a parent, a mom, a dad, a grandparent, a foster parent, a young parent, a longing parent struggling with infertility, a parent suffering from the loss of a child, an adoptive parent, or a temporary parent of a foreign exchange student, you are welcome here at Range Parents. We want to help and uplift you and your family through this journey.

If you are a professional who works with parents or children in any capacity, we want to help uplift and support you in doing so! We offer trainings and encouragement through your journey!


Range Parents is Lead by Project Leader Lana Morrow in partnership with the Range Parents Advisory Team.


Ashley, Parent Participant

Range parents has helped support and accept me with my mental health diagnosis.  It has also helped keep me grounded and keep me safe.  Lana is one of the instructors for the groups I am in and she is absolutely amazing.  She actually puts in the time and effort to find resources and help people who really need it.  She is very supportive and non judgmental which has helped me feel safe in the groups that she runs!

Terran, Parent Participant

It's really nice to have a group of other parents you can relate with who are at the same stage in their lives as you are.

Tracy, Parent Participant

The facilitators are truly amazing and inspiring! They are real parents who have been through real things! They have inspired me to become a facilitator as well and have become my support network that I never knew I needed! Thank you Range Parents!

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