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This page contains direct links for all program forms available through Range Parents.

For Participants

Release of Information  -  Complete this form if you are a Range Parents participant and would like to give permissions for your facilitator to communicate and work with your extended care team including, but not limited to, your social worker, CPS worker, Probation Office, Heath Care Provider etc.

Agreement of Understanding  -  All Range Parents Participants must complete this form. This form signifies your understanding that your information is confidential and we will not disclose to those we do not have permission to disclose with. However, we need to be able to discuss information between Range Parents team members to provide the best level of care and support we can for our participants.

If you are looking to register for one of our offered services, please navigate to our "Services" tab and click on the service of interest.

If you would like to use your past experiences to help guide other parents and families in the community by becoming a Range Parents Facilitator, please complete our application form.

For Professionals:

Program Referral   -  Complete this form if you are a professional and would like to refer someone to one of Range Parents services.

Advisory Team Application  -  Complete this form if you would like to become a member of our Range Parents Advisory Team! Membership includes participation in our regular meetings that take place on the second Monday of every month from Noon to 1:00pm, and the sharing of your contact information with the others on our Advisory Team for the purpose of supporting one another and sharing resources between meetings as needed. 

If you would like to offer Parent Support Groups through your organization and are interested in becoming a trained facilitator through Range Parents, please complete our Application Form.

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