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December 2021

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! December brings with it many different holidays. Generally we associate this time of year with joy, togetherness, and all around holiday warmth. However, there are those right here in our very own communities who do not experience those things through this season. This year, Range Parents would like to encourage everyone to get out and support one another through the Spirit of Christmas and the holiday season. Below are some ideas and ways you can start spreading genuine cheer and love to those around you.

Remember those who have experienced loss. There are individuals and families living within our communities who have an emptiness that weighs extra heavily on them through this season. Weather they have lost a child, a parent, a partner, a friend, their emptiness becomes extra noticeable when they can't go visit that individual, send them a holiday card, or have them at their table. You may be one of those individuals mourning this season. We would like to encourage you all to seek healthy ways of mourning and support others around you who may be grieving.

It's ok to be sad! All our core emotions are healthy to feel and express. However, we want to make sure we are expressing them in a way that will not create a larger problem for us or for those around us. Many of us who are grieving a loss still have others in our family and in our lives who depend on us. We need to make sure to not allow our grieving to take us away from those who are still here depending on us.

Go ahead and let it be a big deal! Loss is hard! It's ok to not be ok. Let those around you know the truth of how you are feeling and talk to them about it. Make a memorial in your home for those you are missing. Set a place at the table for those who are normally with you this time of year but no longer can be. Find what is comfortable for you and don't be ashamed to feel.

Seeking professional help is not a weakness, it is a strength and can sometimes be necessary. Please reach out to professionals in your community if you are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, or reoccurring sadness that doesn't seem to be getting any better. You do not need to go through this alone! If you are having trouble locating a professional, please contact those of us here at Range Parents! We can help you find and get connected with area resources.

We can all do our part by remembering those in our lives who are experiencing loss and reach out to them. Send them a special card or give them a phone call to check and see how they are holding up. Keep checking on them and grieve with them.

There are other individuals in our communities who are experiencing struggles such as the loss of a job, relocation to a place that has given them distance from their established family and friends, physical and mental health issues, divorce, overwhelming schedules, substance abuse and recovery, etcetera. We all experience struggle and we all know someone who is struggling. Being ok with talking about it and walking through hard times with others is the key to a strong community! This holiday seasons, lets lift each other up and focus on building a strong community together!


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