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October 2021

October has brought forward many changes and excited new things here at Range Parents! We have enthusiastically welcomed autumn and said a bitter sweet goodbye to summer. The beginning of a new season always comes with changes, especially within our parent support circles. Some of our offered circles come to an end, others find their beginning, and others restructure with new meeting days, times, and/or locations. What ever the evolution, we walk forward excited to have new members and continue with old friends!

Our fall Parent Support Circles will continue to evolved and be shaped throughout the seasons. Our current list of active groups can be seen on the front page of our website in the right hand column. We try to update this list as quickly as possible as new changes and adjustments come to light. If you are interested in joining a group, or if you have an idea for a new group, please contact Lana and 218-994-9414 or send us an email at

Here at Range Parents, we follow the model of Circle of Parents National. We are all about shared leadership and encouraging leadership in others. If you are interested in becoming a Range Parents Facilitator, please let us know! We would love to hear from you! All our facilitators complete the Facilitator Training through Circle of Parents Minnesota State Chapter. The next training is coming up the first week of November! After this training, facilitators receive additional training and support with a two hour Facilitator Launch Training through Range Parents, and then shadow an active facilitator for at least three weeks before beginning to facilitate. For more information, please contact Lana at 218-994-9414 or send us an email at

Range Parents is now offering Circle of Security parenting courses! The Circle of Security Program is an international early intervention program for parents and children. We are proud to have two trained facilitators in the Circle of Security to be able to offer it to the public, no referrals needed! If you are interested in taking this course, please contact Lana at 218-994-9414 or send us an email at

As a community non-profit program ourselves, we love to uplift and share other community non-profit programs and organizations for children and families in our area! One of those programs we would like to highlight this month is the Range Home Education Association (RHEA). If you have a school aged child, pre-k through 12th grade, we suggest checking this resource out! They offer a lot of information and opportunities for caregivers to receive support through the journey of their child's education. Their website is full of great information including details and information on homeschooling, the opportunity to meet other parents with children in the same grade as yours, and a list of scheduled enrichment activities for all children and their families to attend when able. See the RHEA tab on our website for more information or to get connected with the Range Home Education Association website.

As the spooky season is upon us, we would like to remind all children and their families to be safe and have fun when participating in Halloween and harvest activities. Please see our community calendar for event opportunities and options in our community!


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