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August 2021 News Letter

Range Parents Monthly News Letter

Welcome! As of August 11th, 2021, Range Parents has a whole new look to our website! We have added new features such as a monthly news letter and community calendar. Our monthly news letter will keep you up to date on Range Parents groups, keep you informed on activities associated with Range Parents, connect you with news from other local family organizations, and provide information on popular topics. Our monthly calendar will display family and community events taking place in our local area or virtually through the web. If you have any topics or events you would like to see included in our monthly news letter or community calendar, please contact Range Parents Project Leader Lana Morrow at 218-994-9414 or via email at

Range Parents Support Circles

On this website, you can find a list of all current support circles in the right hand column of the "Home" page. This list is updated promptly as changes are made, such new groups forming, groups changing meeting information, or groups changing/adding facilitators. You can use our registration feature to get connected with any of our parent support circles you would like to join. You can also get connected by reaching out to the Range Parents Project Leader, Lana Morrow, at 218-994-9414 or via email at

Associated Programs

Range Parents works directly with other family support programs to help provide parents and families with options, opportunities, and quality community support. Some of those associated programs include Circle of Security Parenting courses offered by our trained Circle of Security Facilitators Lana and Dana, and the Range Home Education Association; a local, community based group for families with children receiving education from any source including homeschooling, public schooling, and private schooling. Under our resources tab, you will find a list of all our associated programs as well as links to follow for further information on each individual associated program.

Range Parents Office

As of August, 2021, Range Parents has secured an office space in the Arrowhead Center building in Virginia, MN. Office hours are Monday through Wednesday 8am to 4pm. Meetings by appointment only. We do not have walk in availability at this time.

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