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Fall 2023 News Letter

I can't believe fall is here already, right around the corner! But with it, is coming some HUGE new additions to Range Parents! Things that I am confident will really reinforce the family support for our community in an astounding way.

I don't know about you, but for me, I feel like with a new season comes a new opportunity to refresh ourselves! So sit back, feel that crisp Autumn air coming, and listen to what is in store.

Announcement One - Added Support for Circle of Security

Beginning this fall, we will now be wrapping around both our community of professionals and community of parents with a better standard for success after partaking in our 8 week Circle of Security Parenting Course.

  • How This Will Work

  1. We will now be separating our professionals and our general parents with individualized courses for both categories. This will ensure stronger bonds are made with closer commonalities among group members and will help avoid conflict of interests between course participants.

  2. Once a group has completed a course series, they will be automatically entered into a virtual Circle of Security Parenting Continued Support Group. This group will allow for all participants who have successfully completed a Circle of Security Parenting Course to attend a monthly session when able or as needed to gain refreshers, advice, and support based around the practical application of the material covered during the 8 week course.

Announcement Two - Circle of Parents Groups Enhanced

Beginning this fall, we will be amping up our family support with the enhancement of our Circle of Parents modeled support groups.

  • How This Will Work

  1. We will continue to offer both in-person and virtual parent support groups specifically just for parents.

  2. We will add support groups for children by age! These groups will be offered both in person and virtually for the older age groups and in person only for the younger age groups.

  3. We will add family style groups where parents can attend with their children to receive support through issues they might be experiencing internally together. These groups will be offered both in person and virtually.

Announcement Three - Emotional Regulation Presentations

Beginning this fall we will now be offering a presentation on emotional regulation. This fun and interactive series can be offered both in person or virtually and brings a tangible way of looking at the need for balancing our emotions. This presentation is applicable for all ages and all groups, both professional and general public.

Announcement Four - Family Support Services Re-Configured

Beginning this fall our one-on-one family support services will be re-configured to instead be Family Fortitude Mentoring Services.

  • How This Will Work

  1. Individuals or families as a group may register for a virtual meeting time to receive family mentoring services.

  2. Mentoring services may include goal setting, support and encouragement with achieving family goals, and help getting connected to other necessary local services.

Official Mission Statement Released

As a part of this new "fall facelift", Range Parents has now establish a new and improved Mission Statement which reads as follows: "To offer quality, engaging education and support that helps establish healthier, sustainable lifestyles emotionally, mentality, and physically to children, families, and professionals who engage with them. Holistically focusing on reducing and preventing child abuse, out of home placement, substance abuse, and domestic violence by helping families and those who work with them feel encouraged and uplifted."

If we support the whole picture as one high functioning unit, we can become cohesive and operative at a higher efficiency. When we separate we break down. If we are all on the same page, speaking the same language, such as Circle of Security, we can begin to understand each other correctly instead of flowing in the wrong directions constantly off of misconceptions. That is the cycle in families units, care teams, and community we hope to break through our programming at Range Parents.

The Introductions of Fees for Services

Also beginning this fall, you will notice the new "Service Fees" section on our website. This isn't that part I enjoy talking about (which is why you see it at the very bottom of this newsletter) but it is necessary. To negotiate special contracts or group rates, please contact me directly at 218-994-9414 or via email at

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