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November 2021

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the things in our life we are thankful for. One thing we are very thankful for here at Range Parents is our AMAZING PARENT FACILITATORS! Volunteer work can be difficult at times, but our facilitators have stuck with us through thick and thin! So a huge THANK YOU goes out to all our facilitators for providing such excellent support to our participants!

Another thing we are very thankful for is each and every Range Parents participant! It takes ALOT of courage and personal strength to be vulnerable and share your struggles and joys with a group of others in your community. But doing so can be so rewarding and help us all to find growth and support when we need it most! Our program participants go above and beyond for one another and have formed a community of lasting support among one another. Another huge THANK YOU goes out to all those involved in our parent support circles and in our Circle of Security groups!

Behind the scenes, Range Parents receives a tremendous amount of support from other community organizations and individuals throughout our community. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all those who help support Range Parents! This thank you goes out to the following and more:

The North St. Louis County Circle of Parents Advisory Committee

Circle of Parents National

Circle of Parents Minnesota State Chapter

Family Wise Services

St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services

The Arrowhead Center in Virginia, MN

The Iron Range Vineyard Church in Eveleth, MN

Legacy Church in Virginia, MN

Poor Gary's Pizza in Chisholm, MN

Virginia, MN Parks and Recreation

Thrivent of Virginia, MN

Virginia Bible Chapel in Virginia, MN

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Virginia, MN

Open Door Church in Hibbing, MN

Recovery Alliance Duluth

And so many more! Thank you to you all!


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